Monday, November 22, 2010

_The Visit of Ambassador Harry K. Thomas, Jr in the Field Of Dreams in Smokey Mountain

_Last Sunday November 21,2010 we had another Big Event. It was the launching of the 1st Game in the Field of Dreams where the Ambassador of United States Harry K. Thomas Jr watched. The Ambassador of United States wear the T-Shirt of Team Smokey together with the founder of Gawad Kalinga Mr. Tony Meloto and the President of JCI Manila Mr. Toby Claudio.
The Illam Team hard to beat the Team of Smokey Mountain the game was tramendous. This event is very historic in the Smokey Mountain because we can't believe that the Ambassador of United States will able to come and visit the Smokey Mountain. The Young Focus News Team was given a privelege to interview the Ambassador Harry Thomas Jr regarding his plan after the event in Smokey Mountain and he said that, he still planning for the best for the Smokey Mountain because he saw the abilities of the Smokey Mountain.

We are looking forward to see Smokey Mountain on high..

Saturday, October 2, 2010


Oct 2,2010wonderful day to all of us specially the Youth Of Smokey Mountain because this is the moment that the field was turnover to the Smokey Mountain. This is a great opportunity to all the Youth of Smokey Mountain to have a field like this. We never expect all of this things to happen. We want to thank all the JCI member, specially the president MR. Toby for having a such wonderful project like this and also to Young Focus as one of the instrument for having this project.We are very happy that our DREAMS is starting to become reality. There's a lot of Youth's not only in Smokey Mountain benefit this field but also in a different places in Manila. and also we want to thanks for giving us another beautiful CANON CAMERA that will help the student's of Young Focus to take some picture in a different event like this, and also helps for bloggers like me :) because now this is our HABIT and for the Scholarship Fund given to us this is another inspiration that we never forget for the rest of our life . Thank You and I hope you continue pursuing the Youth to reach their DREAMS like us.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

_Field of Dreams

_one of the biggest dream of Smokey Mountain is to have a field were they can play softball,football,baseball..because there's a lot of Youth has a potential to be part of a team.. and also to compete outside the country.., now, the dream of the team "Smokey"finally fulfilled.
The launching of "Field of Dreams" held on Sept 11,2010 at the Field of Smokey Mountain lead by JCI Manila. there's a lot of visitor in a different company and Organization..,

The smile on the face of Team" Smokey" is unexplainable because even them don't know how much the blessing pour out.Even the parents of the players are so happy for that wonderful field. We are very proud because a lot of people wants to help in a best as they could , also to feel that life is wonderful.., I just wanna say thank you very much...and we will assure you that someday the Team " SMOKEY" will compete outside the PHILIPPINES...

Mabuhay! Team Smokey..JCI Manila..Young Focus..and to our Mighty God..!!

Friday, August 20, 2010

_1st expirience_

_this is my first expirience going to the dumpsite as in makapasok sa loob ng dumpsite, eventhough i am staying long in Smokey Mountain i never go in Dumpsite. On this day i expirience going to dumpsite with my co YF students and the Students of Sir Bobot Meru to have a photoshoot there. Im so happy that i see what life in Dumpsite. when i am talking to them they are all happy in what they are doing, We are very blessed here in Smokey Mountain that there are people who have a good heart to help us. We in Smokey Mountad in are very proud because were ever we do it keeps going. That's our saying in life.., We are aiming high to achieve our goal in life.We never tell our self that we are depressed in life instead we are saying that we are happy in life. Some saying that Smokey Mountain is a Scary Place they are looking for the negative side of Smokey Mountain but the truth is Smokey Mountain have fear in God, know how to "makipagkapwa tao", and "Magtulungan" that's the Real Smokey Mountain. and we are proud that we are here in Smokey Mountain. soon to be The Land of Professionals. so inspired...,.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

_my photo_

._.My Photos._.

._. Hi sa wakas nakagawa din ako but I'm wondering why some of my photos did not opened here i dont know why..,kaya super nahirapan ako sa pagcreate ng slildeshow ko!! eventhough that my slideshow is super short i know you enjoy watching this .. i will try to find out why some of my picture did not accept.., haysst!!! but Im happy because i did my best to do this.

Lesson learned!!
Be patience try to fix if there is something wrong in your work and don't forget to smile like this =)))))

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

_my Favorite_

_shocks this cellphone is beautiful, nice screen and the best of these you can open your social network here.. whew!!like it but before i have this expensive cellphone i need to finish my study first, and have a great job!! and save money!!

_like it so much wait me cellphone ehehe!!!!

_wah!!! kahungry aman, this filipino food is one of my favorite. palabok,lechon, and different fruits!!.. very delicious if you want to taste it.,, buy it and call me so that i share to you kung paano ito kinakain!! ehehehe sarap noh!! bili ka nah!! then call me!!

i will buy this food if i have enough money to buy!! so that my family also taste this!!!=)